Blyde Benelux, creating a positive footprint worldwide

We are Blyde Benelux, the first Benelux-based PR agency to receive a B Corp certification. A sustainable PR agency for sustainable brands and social enterprises. From our two locations in Amsterdam and Antwerp, we work for our mission ‘creating a positive footprint worldwide’. To speed up the transition into a sustainable and social economy, we combine our strengths with pioneering impact brands and social enterprises. Call us happy warriors, working from our core values: humour, ambition, team, optimism, and result.  

It can be faster, better, more ambitious

Of course. We have developed healthy flight shame, are committed to the wellbeing of people who suffer for myriad reasons, and a wardrobe can be both responsible and beautiful nowadays. Sustainable and social entrepreneurship and consumerism are very timely and important. In his book about climate change, Jelmer Mommers, correspondent Climate and Energy for De Correspondent, asks the valid question “how are we going to explain this?”. This is part of the challenge: to rally and move people into behavioural change, there is need for context, knowledge, and stories.  

future-proof route to success

Based in Amsterdam and Antwerp, we combine forces with sustainable brands and social enterprises who want to efficiently operate the Dutch, Belgian, and/or Benelux-market from one agency. 

Blyde Benelux offers a platform for brands and people who aim to speed up the transition to a positive footprint worldwide. With a solid amount of vigour we show that it can and should be different. Sustainable and social ambitions are directive in all of our PR-strategies and concepts; we help companies to focus on what matters mostThe SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) form important pillars of action within this process. By aligning our approach with the SDGs, we help organisations have a positive impact on society.