Mohamad volgt een traineeship bij Blyde Benelux. Mohamad is bij ons terecht gekomen via NewBees, een organisatie die nieuwkomers voorbereidt op een baan – lees: op een plek in onze samenleving. NewBees matcht nieuwkomers, vluchtelingen, met traineeships bij lokale ondernemers en organisaties, waarbij talent en gelijkwaardigheid centraal staan. Wij zijn super happy met Mo in ons team!

“It’s nice to be part of the Blyde team! I feel comfortable here in a beautiful office with a beautiful view from the window and kind colleagues. As for the work itself, it is wonderful to think about the future by supporting sustainable brands and organizations that do not harm the planet. Furthermore, I want to learn a lot about new media and how to work with it. Additionally, I feel it is our duty to work for a more pure and sustainable future, so Blyde is a way for me to help meet this goal.

There are various beautiful customs and traditions in the Netherlands that differ from those in Syria. For example, here you see most people dressed in stylish clothing and riding their bikes to work! It really is something cool to see. In Syria, most people drive to work. Another interesting fact of life here is that in order to see a friend, I should make an appointment week in advance. In Syria, it is a little easier, as you can give someone a call or send them a message and meet them that same day. It is also easy if you suggest to go hang out after work or school to do so.

I have enjoyed getting to know the Dutch language. With practice, I believe I can continue to improve my Dutch, especially by speaking with others. While I do find the pronunciations of the language difficult, with time, I believe I can master it in the future as I continue my Dutch language education! I want to build a life in the Netherlands, so I would like to meet new friends and practice my Dutch. If you would like to get in touch, just send an email to”

– Mohamad al-Bahesh