Just Be It Magazine

In the beginning of 2014 Just Be It magazine crawled out of his shell. An online, interactive magazine about sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship in corresponding with a stylish lifestyle. The magazine was founded by Lorette der Kinderen and offers a platform for innovative, sustainable and Fairtrade products and services in the area of fashion, design, architecture, food and travel. Primary characters behind the most progressive, honest and responsible initiatives introduce themselves and CSR representatives from big organizations and multinationals are being interviewed.

Lorette is convinced that lack of awareness of the ongoing current initiatives within a large  audience, are delaying an effective sustainable development. This issue created the fundamentals of the foundation of Just be it magazine.

‘’Meetings with inspiring people gave me incentive to create a magazine which has awesome initiatives and thoughts from sustainable developers in order to create more awareness. Our audience are not dull. We mainly invest time and effort on innovation but also on stylish sustainable products and services that match the younger generation’’